OKINAWA A Journey of Discovery


EPISODE 1:Meet the Cast
Seven experts from seven different countries have been hand-picked to visit Okinawa, one of the most breathtaking and dynamic tropical destinations on the planet, to share its secrets with the rest of the world. In this episode meet all the cast members of ” OKINAWA: A Journey of Discovery.” So get ready to join the cast on a unique adventure you’ll never forget!

EPISODE 2:The Amazing Okinawa Photo Race
In this episode, our seven intrepid travellers face their first challenge: a photo treasure hunt to recreate snapshots of picturesque Okinawan sights taken by Canadian Instagrammer Seattle. The lively quest pits the girls against the boys and takes them to locations full of vibrant colors and breathtaking sceneries. Who will win this challenge? Tune in and find out!3

EPISODE 3:The Karate Challenge
In this episode, German crossfit athlete Felix faces one of the biggest challenges of his athletic career: learning a series of intricate karate moves from a strict Okinawan karate master in just a few hours and then teaching them to his fellow travellers! Can Felix handle the pressure? Will he successfully complete his challenge? Watch and find out!4

EPISODE 4:The Secret Recipe for Long Life
In this episode, food blogger Marine discovers Okinawa’s secret to long life through its unique culinary culture. Her journey begins in a bustling market full of fresh (and sometimes shocking) local fare, where a kindly grandmother points her to one of the island’s best restaurants. At the restaurant, Marine learns not only the Okinawan secret to a long life but also how to prepare a savoury traditional dish called goya chanpuru, which she must teach her fellow travellers how to make. Don’t miss the delicious fun!5

EPISODE 5:The Spirit of Okinawa
Join mixologist and beverage expert Josh as he leads the group on a journey to discover the magic of Awamori, a distilled spirit native to Okinawa. Josh is impressed by the smooth, almost creamy flavour of this unique drink unlike any other he has ever tasted and experiences the fascinating distilling process first-hand. His challenge? Teach the group to make the perfect Awamori cocktail! Tune in and watch our travellers create some crazy but thirst-quenching concoctions! Bottoms up!

EPISODE 6:The Art of Ryukyu Dance
In this episode, Russian model and dancer Maria discovers the grace and beauty of traditional Ryukyu dance. Visiting a bingata kimono workshop, she is delighted by the bold, life-affirming colours of the fabrics, which contrast beautifully with the slow, deliberate grace and control of the Ryukyu dance, which is unlike anything she has ever seen. The girls in the group are challenged to learn a breathtaking routine and perform it dressed in traditional kimonos for the guys at a picturesque castle! This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Episode 7:Okinawa’s Underwater Paradise
In this episode, Australian dive master Emma leads the group on a quest to discover the mind-blowing beauty under Okinawa’s sparkling emerald sea and find the majestic manta rays of Ishigaki! The journey begins at the Churaumi Aquarium, where the sight of gigantic whale sharks and manta rays gets the group pumped for scuba diving on Ishigaki Island! After visiting a dive shop, the group hits the water, where no one can get enough of the warm, crystal-clear ocean teeming with diverse marine life. Emma’s challenge is to get everyone underwater, but she faces an unexpected hurdle. Will everyone complete their dive? Will anyone see a manta ray? Tune in to find out!

EPISODE 8:The Soul of Okinawan Music
In this episode, British musician Robbie touches the soul of Okinawa as he learns to play the sanshin, a traditional Okinawan three-stringed instrument with a bright yet soulful sound. Robbie accompanies well-known sanshin musician Mr. Gibo to a sanshin workshop where he tries his hand at crafting one of these snakeskin-covered instruments. Mr. Gibo teaches Robbie how to play, and Robbie’s challenge is to compose and perform an original tune about Okinawa for the group. Music lovers won’t want to miss this!

EPISODE 9:Okinawa – The Grand Finale
In this episode, our seven travellers look back on their journey of discovery to Okinawa and share their most memorable moments. From awe-inspiring panoramas, mouth watering cuisine, challenging martial arts, and soulful music to unique spirits, graceful traditional dance, and an underwater paradise, Okinawa proves to be the perfect place for creating unforgettable memories, connecting with people and a rich culture, and enjoying the very best life – and a tropical paradise – has to offer.


EPISODE 10:Embracing Life, Okinawan Style
In this tenth and final episode, we follow up with the travellers in their home countries three months after their trip. Each cast member along with friends and families talks about how both the unique culture and warmth of the Okinawan people affected his or her life. Tune in to see what inspired them the most, and how their day-to-day lives have changed.